Purchasing Condo Property in Mexico

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Buying condo property in Mexico as a foreigner is an easy and straightforward process.

But you still need to do your due diligence and also hire a real estate expert.


ocean front view mexico


Before you even get into the process of buying any property or condos in Mexico, you need to establish your property objectives. You might be searching for a property to call your home or maybe you just want to make an investment. The final purpose of your property will help you determine how to go about buying it.

What is “Ejido”?

In the year 1917, the government made a declaration that every land in Mexico would be “ejido”, meaning communal land utilized for agricultural purposes and farmed by the locals. This essentially meant that owning private property was no longer an option. But currently, not every land in Mexico is ejido. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the land you go for isn’t in this category.

In 1973, the Mexican government passed the Foreign Investment Law which enabled foreigners to buy real estate property anywhere in Mexico, but with the exception of the coastal land and border land. This refers to both 50 of the coastal region and 100 km of international borders. The law was further amended in 1993 to allow for the sale of property in the restricted areas via a fideicomiso. For clarification, fideicomiso refers to a trust agreement made with a bank in Mexico.

What is Fideicomiso?

It enables a foreigner to buy and hold property with the same privileges as a citizen. A single fideicomiso allows you to buy as many properties as you want in Mexico. More importantly, you will possess the property with continuance, and leave the property to your heirs in a will. In addition, you have the option to transfer the trust to another interested foreign buyer in case you plan to sell.

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A fideicomiso normally lasts for 50 years but it is renewable, either by you or your heirs. A fideicomiso can be held by a single or multiple individual or even by an entity, for instance an LLC. The cost of this arrangement ranges anywhere from US$500 to US$1,000 while maintenance fees can range from US$500 to US$700 per year.

Purchasing Property in Mexico Via A Corporation

As a foreigner, you can also hold land in a restricted area through a Mexican corporation. The corporation can be entirely owned by foreigners. You should only think about a corporation if you are purchasing real estate specifically for business or investments. In case you are looking to subdivide the land for development purposes, then a Mexican corporation is practical.

However, it is worth noting that corporations have more stringent restrictions and reporting requirements than fidecomisos. You are required to submit income and expenses reports on a monthly basis. Then, it should be completed by a certified accountant after which it is sent to the Mexican Department of Treasury.  Any property that is held in a corporation is classified as commercial property. Thus, it is subject to additional taxes.

The cost of establishing a corporation varies depending on the lawyer used. But the basic required amount is $50,000 Mexican pesos, which translates to about US$ 2,800 according to the current rates. Additionally, you will have to settle the certified accountant’s fees in order to keep it (US$600 to US$800 annually).

You should keep in constant consultation with your attorney in regard to reviewing the legal status of the property primarily on the preparation of contracts, title search, and starting up your corporation.

Steps to Purchase Property In Mexico

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  1. Offer and Acceptance For Purchasing A Property In Mexico

Start with an official offer. Verbal agreements are recognized under the laws in Mexico. But it is crucial to ensure that you have a written offer and acceptance, as this helps to avoid any conflict on terms and conditions. The offer should be presented in the form of an “Offer to Purchase” contract. Be clear on the key terms of the sale. Do not forget to include price, payment plans, and details on a sincere money deposit. When buying property in Mexico, it is also a standard practice to include a deadline for the seller to accept the offer.

Ensure that you write down all offers to minimize any chances of confusion or conflict.

Once the seller accepts your offer, make an earnest money deposit. This payment must be held by the buyer’s attorney or real estate agent. Remember to add a clause in the offer that guarantees the deposit in the event that either a final sales agreement or a promissory agreement is not executed in a set duration of time. Write down who got the deposit. In case the seller needs it to be non-refundable, then ensure that you do not put up more than you are ready to lose.

  1. Promissory Agreement

After making the deposit, the promissory contract or “contrato de promisa” will be drawn up. With the promissory agreement drawn up, both the seller and buyer become legally bound to a specified timeframe to execute the buying agreement. It locks in the fundamental terms. In the meanwhile, both the buyer and seller should take care of the necessary paperwork. Finalizing the purchasing process takes some time. It also provides enough time for both the buyer and seller to plan out the details for the final purchase agreement.

According to the law in Mexico, the promissory agreement binds both the buyer and seller. Neither of the two parties can pull out of the deal if all the terms and conditions are met to put into effect the purchase contract.

After inking the promissory agreement, the seller will reach out to your bank – from your fideicomiso. This then kicks off the trust application. Your lawyer will then request a trust permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You are now halfway the process of owning property in Mexico.

In the meantime, your attorney should be monitoring the property’s legal status. Most importantly, he or she should go over the title, right of transfer, and also the purchase contract. Your attorney will also have to request documentation from the seller. In addition, a certificate of no tax liability, a certificate of no encumbrances, and property appraisal.

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The documentation needed by the buying party is minimalistic. You just need a copy of your driver’s license or passport. In addition, a recent utility bill indicating both your names and home address. The documentation for corporations is also usable. Avail the documents to a notary and have them filed at the public registry.

Once everything is up to par, your lawyer and the notary will work with the bank. Here the trust documents will be drafted and finalised.

  1. Purchase/Sales Agreement

By this stage, the buyer and the seller should be in a position to execute the purchase/sales contract or “compraventa” and commence the closing process. The title of the property is also transferred to the fideicomiso.

By now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should have given the bank office the permit. Your lawyer will be able to draw up the drafts for the closing deed. Afterward, a notary and bank trust office will go over the final draft of the deed together with your attorney.

  1. Closing and Title Transfer

To begin with, ensure that all the information is correct. Next, once all the closing paperwork has been prepared, you will receive a notice indicating the due date and the final closing costs due. Lastly, you will be required to sign the deeds, settle the payments, and transfer the title to the bank.

The seller might opt to use their own real estate lawyer for this step. If this is the case, then they will have to pay this separate legal fee.

The notary will then issue a notarized copy of the closing deed. This will serve as your initial proof of ownership and you can utilize it to install utilities under your own name.

In the course of the three months following your closing date, the Public Registry will issue the final deed that contains an electronic folio, together with a copy of every certificate and payment of rights.

When purchasing property in Mexico, receiving the property, and getting your title occur in different stages. They can happen on separate dates meaning that you do not necessarily assume ownership of the property immediately at closing.

Prior to taking possession of the property, insist on getting a personal walkthrough to ascertain that the property is in excellent condition and all contracts have been fully executed.

  1. Delivery of Unit

Lastly, inspect the property to make sure that you are receiving a property that is in great condition. After you are satisfied with the property, you will ink a delivery statement. This officially documents the delivery date of your property.


Remember that your lawyer is able to handle the whole purchase process.

Consequently, you will not be required to be in the country for every step of the process. Finally, when you grant your attorney a power of attorney, they will offer you the necessary assistance throughout the sale process. This means each and every step of the process up to the signing of the closing deed. And there you have it; all you need to acquire a property in Mexico. Hope this article has been of much benefit to you.

Tips On How To Start An HVAC Business

One major benefit to starting an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) business is you start with a small investment in resources and time, and then continue growing company at your very own pace and timeline.

Another big advantage is the HVAC industry has a tendency to mirror the forward and fast technological growth.

Whenever any improvements are made to the function and design of cooling and heating units, the demand for expert heating and air conditioning repair companies will continue to accelerate.

Pick a Specialization

Make an assessment of your skill level to figure out what you do the best and then have that be the first service that you provide. For example, if you are good at repairing car air conditioning systems but are not as good with furnaces, then just be honest with yourself. Just be aware of what your limitations are and then get some training in the areas you are weak in if you are interested in offering those services in the future.

air conditioner units

The HVAC industry is very flexible since it is possible to become an expert in various services space on what you would like to specialize in. That includes troubleshooting air conditioning, gas furnaces, or heat pumps; offering consulting services on the use of ENERGY STAR appliances in commercial buildings and residential homes or specializing in other areas.

Seek Out Certification and Education

Become part of a trustworthy HVAC industry organization that specializes in providing certification and education. Your training and years of experience can be enhanced even more by obtaining a North American Technician Excellent certification. Also, your knowledge of current HVAC business industry trends and ENERGY STAR qualified products can make you a very valuable resource for your customers. Certification can also help to demonstrate your competency to prospective customers.

Develop a Business Plan Focused On Growth

Plan how to expand your customer base over time in order to remain profitable. Initially, you might want your HVAC business with a minimal amount of risk. Get started part-time with a certain number of hours that you want to work on your business. For example, maybe you want to work each weekend for four hours and then expand that so it includes four more hours for three to four weekdays. Figure out how many clients you will be able to serve in a week based on your financial goals and the number of hours you will be devoting to your business.

Budget two to four hours each week for administration time for you to review your progress. HVAC contracting does involve a lot of physical labour so be sure to not overbook yourself and deliver quality service at all time to your customers. When you are determining your weekly commitment make sure you keep all of this in mind.

Partner With Construction Companies

Research local area reputable remodelling and construction firms and offer to be a reliable HVAC resource. Your best source of long-term leads might be residential and commercial contractors since they build commercial buildings and houses.

various trade partnerships

Renovation project managers might want to have an HVAC specialist to help them determine whether or not an air conditioning or heating unit needs to be replaced or repaired. Those companies might need advice as well on which ENERGY STAR equipment will suit the size of a newly built house the best.

Building a Chicken Coop – Raising Back Yard Chickens

When it comes around to providing poultry cages or a chicken coop where you can house your hens, there are lots of things to think about. One of the first things to consider is, you have to make certain of when you develop or get a hen cage is that it large enough in order to comfortably house the whole flock.

You will really need around 4 square foot of area to provide enough room for each chicken. As an example, an 8X8 hen cage will comfortably house about 16 hens. If you have a huge run or field for the hens to roam around in, the square feet require each bird could be reduced to 2 square feet per bird.

chicken-coop-houseI additionally advise that you not build or create housing that is way too large than what you need, as the hens will cuddle together with each other throughout the winter therefor a properly sized cage will ensure they remain warm and healthy.

Make sure to have a “roost” for your hens inside the cage. You will usually need around 6 – 12 inches of roosting area each bird. A roost could be made with a dowel or board 1 1/2 inches in size. Maintain the roost height 2 1/2 – 3 feet off the flooring of the cage.

Build or buy nesting boxes for inside the cage too. Nesting boxes aid to prevent the eggs from falling onto the floor and breaking, far from the manure. A box about 12 inches square should be fine. You want to set up one box for every 4 chickens you have in total, as they will share the boxes.

When possible, install a lot of glass or meshed windows in the chicken house. It will really help in providing enough sunshine during the winter months as well as air flow for ventilation in the summer season. If you can not figure out how to get screened windows in the chicken house or cage, make sure that there is some sort of air vent near the roof of the structure to provide some air movement and ventilate the humidity caused by the chicken feces and persperation.

Hen cages been available in various dimensions as well as chicken coop plans and designs. If you thinking of acquiring a pre-made poultry cage, you could anticipate to pay around $500 for a little hen cage, to more than $3000 for a huge one, that you may hire someone to build for you.

I would suggest building your own hen house. A strong poultry cage, large enough to house a few dozen hens, could quickly be thrown up for around $750.00. Something smaller for a few hens might run you 150.00

Well good luck and have fun.

How to Recognize Quality Home Furniture Construction

As a home designer, I have actually done various discussions at various locations, however, the one I located most satisfying was the one I did last March at the Residence Expressions, I presented to, on Home Furniture & Appliances. I appreciated this discussion the most, due to the fact that I really felt there was a need to enlighten the general public on how you can discriminate in between cheap, as well as, high-quality furnishing. I am not recommending that every little thing in your house need to be first class, all I am rather trying to help you recognize some things your purchasing, so you could make an educated choice and also pay a reasonable rate wherefore you are buying furniture. So listed below, please discover some key points to remember when you head out to buy home furnishings for your residence, summer home or office:


Home Furniture Checklist

  • High-quality timber home furniture will certainly be built from either strong tough timber or a plywood that contends the very least 8 layers to it.
  • Top quality items will certainly have few knots also on locations that are not revealed. Knots are vulnerable to splitting. Therefore, timbers such as ‘ash’ are much less preferable.
  • Low-quality furnishings are typically created from slim plywood, fiberboard, bit board, as well as press board.
  • On timber furnishings, an excellent location to inform the high quality of building and construction would certainly be the joints.
  • Top quality furnishings will certainly have joints that are screwed, or dowelled. The best joints are synced mortise-and-tenon. Re-enforcing block affixed at an angle needs to be utilized on edges.
  • Indicators mediocre would certainly be joints that are toenailed, stapled, or will certainly have noticeable adhesive.
  • Top quality home furniture framework will certainly rest also level with the flooring. Bad quality furnishings will certainly totter, spin, or squeak.
  • Timber on a high-quality home furniture item must be blemish free. If it damages quickly the furnishings will certainly not withstand much usage. To examine this you could attempt drawing the line on an unexposed location with your fingernail to see if it leaves a noticeable damage.
  • When it pertains to veneers, the building under the veneer ought to be either strong timber or a great plywood. Yet veneers are restricted to the variety of times they could be redecorated.
  • When it concerns timber furnishings such as an upper body of cabinets or an office desk or cabinet, excellent top quality items will certainly have slim sheets of timber (usually referred to as dirt panels) in between cabinets. These panels not just act to shield materials, yet they likewise surpass the forms toughness.
  • Top quality items will certainly have cabinets that open as well as close effortlessly on steel moving rails and also have stoppers to avoid them from extending past the point where the hinge may be damaged. The best cabinets will certainly have bases that drift in a groove as well as will certainly not be attached sideways. This enables growth as well as tightening because of modifications in moisture. It additionally gives added stamina.
  • ‘Timber on timber’ sliding cabinets, are normally a sign mediocrity or low quality.
  • It could be harder to recognize top quality upholstered home furniture, due to the fact that its structure is frequently hidden by textile. However, below is exactly what you could do, when you visit a retail area the sales individual need to have the ability to inform you all the info concerning the item as soon as possible. If they could not conveniently supply these details, or they are reluctant in discussing them, go on to one more place. The sales individual needs to have excellent item expertise. They need to have the ability to supply some kind of a spec sheet. Directly, if any kind of customer asks about the high quality of any one of my home furnishings I have the ability to inform them right away concerning the building and construction.
  • Beware with names. There is a pattern today in the furnishings sector to call low-quality items with comparable names to high-end names. So keep an eye out for this.
  • Discover just what the thickness of the foam is. Upholstered furnishings must sit foam thickness score of at the very least 1.8 extra pounds or greater. If the chair or couch has detachable seat pillows, unzip them and also have a look within. The foam block ought to be covered in fiber. Extremely high-end ones will most likely have a safety internal cover. Detachable back pillows might be constructed from foam, yet will possibly hang fill. Loosened fill pillows ought to have several inner areas. These inner areas quit the fill from resolving.
  • 8 means hand connected coil springtimes suggest extremely premium quality, however, they are hardly ever found in current furniture construction practices. Coil, cone, sinuous, and also grid springtimes could all function well. The most effective point to do is to rest in different areas to see whether you will be successful. In situations where the seat pillows are detachable weigh down on the deck beneath. There needs to be additional spacing and also resistance to stress. Any type of coil spring system that is greater than a couple of inches apart suggests a badly built item.
  • Really high-end producers will certainly self deck their upholstered furnishings. Self-outer decking happens when the exact same material is utilized inside and out. For instance the exact same textile utilized on the top of the seat pillow will certainly be on below the component of the chair where the pillow rests. If the items are not self outdoor decked the textile utilized under the pillow must be made of the exact same shade family members as the furnishings piece. A Natural leather normally will not be self wood decked to avoid the seat pillows from moving.

When looking for quality home furniture it’s truly important to look at the construction and make sure it is aligned with the price allotted to it. You get what you pay for when it comes to this type of home investment. Take your time, ask questions, and shop around. I hope you found this helpful and informative.


Hiring a House Maid

List of Responsibilities of a House Maid

Listed below are the general responsibilities of a house maid.


1) Tidy spaces, corridors, lobbies, lounges, toilets, hallways, lifts, stairs, change rooms and workspace so that wellness standards are satisfied.

2) Clean carpets, carpetings, upholstered furnishings, and/or drapes, utilizing vacuums and shampooers.

3) Vacant wastebaskets, vacant and also tidy ashtrays, as well as transportation various other trash to outside disposal areas.

4) Take care of children and/or senior citizens by overseeing their tasks, giving friendship, and also assisting them with clothing, showering, eating, and various other needs.

5) Lug bed linens, towels, commode items, and cleaning supplies, using wheeled carts.

6) Purchase or order grocery stores and house materials to maintain kitchens stocked, and also document expenses.

7) Run tasks such as taking washing to the cleaners and purchasing grocery stores.

8) Scrub, sweep, wax, and shine flooring using brooms, sponges, powered scrubbing and waxing equipment.

9) Dust or polish furniture with appropriate tools/materials.

10) Keep storage space areas as well as shelves well-stocked, tidy, and also neat.

11) Polish silver devices and also metalwork such as fixtures as well as fittings.

12) Get rid of particles from driveways, garages, as well as swimming pool locations.

13) Replace light bulbs.


14) Replenish materials such as glass, bed linens, creating supplies, and also washroom products.

15) Type apparel and also other articles, lots washing printers, and also iron and fold dried products.

16) Type, matter, and mark tidy bed linens, and also save them in bed linen storage rooms.

17) Clean windows, wall surfaces, ceilings, wood surfaces, wax and polish as necessary.

18) Designate obligations to various other personnel as well as give directions relating to work methods and routines.

19) Request repair service services and also await repair service employees to show up.

20) Supply television, ironing boards, child cribs, as well as roll away beds to visitors’ areas.

21) Disinfect devices and materials, using germicidal solutions or sterilizers.

22) Hang clean draperies, and also clean window blinds.

23) Relocate and also organize furniture, and transform bed mattress.

24) Observe preventative measures required to secure resort and also guest home, as well as report harm, theft, as well as other minor issues, to supervisors.

25) Strategy menus, and chef and serve dishes and drinks adhering to employer’s guidelines or very own methods.

26) Prepare spaces for meetings, and also organize decors, media tools, as well as furniture for social or business features.

27) Take care of pet dogs by brushing, working out, and/or feeding them.

28) Clean recipes and also clean cooking areas, cooking utensils, and flatware.

29) Answer telephones and doorbells.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is just what it says, it is tankless. It almost works the same as a normal storage type water heater, but it does not hold water. You will have two pipes on the tankless water heaters, cold water that comes in, and hot water that goes to the water faucet. When you open the hot water faucet, the cold water will start flowing through the device where a flow sensor with fire the burner. The water lines that are around the heat exchanger will then heat the water to the temperature that the tankless water heater is set to. It means that you can save on your utility bills. You will save about $100 or even more per year. This all depends on how many gallons of water you use daily. To get a tankless water heater will cost you more than a regular water heater, but in the long-run, the tankless heater will last longer and save money at the end of the day. The parts of the tankless heaters are fast to replace which will keep your waterless heater going for longer. Their life expectancy is over twenty years where a water storage heater only lasts for ten to fifteen years.


Sizing the equipment

Like all other products on the market, there are some downfalls of having a tankless water heater. You may not be able to do two things together that need hot water unless it is sized properly to handle the whole load. This means you can wash the dishes and have a shower at the same time. This sizing should be done by a qualified installer/HVAC Company that is trained in this area. They will need to check the water flow and other variables. It differs in different provinces states and countries and where your water storage heater already has warm water, the tankless water heater will still need to warm the water. With the tankless water heaters, you might also expect to have temperature fluctuations. The one minute the water will be the temperature that you want it to be then 5 seconds later it can be cold and five seconds later it can be too warm again. So there are a lot of positive and negative sides of having a tankless water heater in your home.



There is also something known as the sandwich effect. This means that when you used the hot water faucet and close it again after you received the amount of hot water that you needed, there will still be some hot water in the piping. When you open the warm water again that warm water will come out, but just seconds after, the water will feel cold because the heat exchanger first needs to be fired after sensing flow heat the water first before you will get warm water again, this delay or fluctuation, can take getting used to. When you consider getting a tank-less water heater or any other trade service like furnace repair, the suggestion is that you call a reputable company and get advice for your particular situation requirements. They will be able to give you all the details and tell you how it works and what the best option will be for you.

Traditional Water Heaters


How to build a Dog House

Our Dog Cole

Dog House – Step by Step


Anyone can build a doghouse – if you have the right instructions.

Last year, we adopted a new member to our family, Cole, a flat-coated black retriever. A fine dog. We quickly realized that Cole needed a doghouse since he was out in our enclosed backyard during the day, and needed some shelter when we weren’t home, from the rain. Now I could have bought a plastic doghouse at Home Hardware but I already had quite a lot of scrap lumber and plywood , I thought fun to  build one myself. I was able to find instruction on how to build a dog house, bird houses, and outdoor sheds and started on my project. The dog house looked great and my son and I followed the easy directions and built a few other projects around the house.